Fragrance Sachets / Incense

Fragrance Sachets / Incense

Fragrance Sachets / Incense

Incence and Fragrance sachets from Mothers Earth

Fragrance Sachets

With The Mother's Fragrances Sachets you can take your favourite fragrances anywhere. Use them in your car, in the office, in the drawers of your cupboards, under your pillow, or in the pocket of your coat. A little loop helps you to hang them.

The Mother's Fragrances Sachets are made using only natural materials. Delicate fragrances and wood powders create a long lasting fragrance.


The Mother's Fragrances is a light and natural incense that subtly scents the atmosphere.

The Mother's Fragrances Incense is blended using essential oils, floral essences, herbs, wood powders and scented flowers, and made entirely by hand in Puducherry in South India..

You can choose from traditional favourites like patchouli and frankincense, or try new fragrances like cinnamon and spice or vanilla.